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From the time I was a young boy, I always knew I wanted to be my own business owner. Later in life, I ended up working in an office and barely making ends meet. I kept telling myself that I couldn't start my own business until I saved up a certain amount of money or finally cleaned up my credit and got approved for a loan. Eventually, I realized that if I wanted to start a business, I just could not wait any longer and had to do it on a tight budget. I made things work, and I am now a successful business owner. I learned a lot while building my business and still learn every day, so I decided to start a blog to help other new business owners. I plan to post many tips, so come back often for new tips.


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Beyond Cost: 5 Other Reasons To Buy Pre-Owned Jewelry

If you want to save money on jewelry, buying pre-owned pieces is a great choice. Especially when it comes to expensive jewelry such as diamonds, gold, platinum, and sterling silver, you can pay a fraction of the price for a used piece as compared to a new one from a high-end jeweler or department store. But a lower cost is not the only benefit of buying used. Here are five other good reasons to consider buying used jewelry.

1. The jewelry is the same quality and condition.

Many items develop wear and tear as they age. This is true for cars, homes, appliances, and other items that you might buy used. You pay less for a used one, but it has a bit more wear and fewer years left. This is not the case when it comes to jewelry. Most jewelry does not really wear out; it looks just as nice and new when it's 10 or 20 years old as it did when it was brand-new, provided it has been cared for and cleaned properly. A used jewelry store will typically clean used jewelry before selling it, so the pieces are virtually non-distinguishable from brand-new ones. 

2. Used jewelry is better for the environment.

These days, everyone must work together and make small changes to help minimize environmental damage. You can help do your part by choosing used jewelry. Many of the items used to make jewelry, such as gold and diamonds, must be mined — and mining is not always the most earth-friendly practice. If more people buy used jewelry rather than new jewelry, less new jewelry will be made, which means not as much mining will need to take place. That's good for the planet.

3. You can buy better quality with used jewelry.

The quality of jewelry has decreased somewhat in recent years. Items used to all be handmade with care and caution. Today, much of the jewelry is machine-made. It's not as precisely made or as durable. By buying an older used piece, you can enjoy a better quality piece than you could get for the same price if you were to buy new. You can also enjoy admiring the great craftsmanship that went into many classic rings, necklaces, and bracelets.

4. Used jewelry can be historic.

If you love history and learning about the way people lived years ago, then buying used jewelry can be a fun way to embrace this history. You can find jewelry made in the art deco or Victorian style and know that you own a piece of history. It's also fun to imagine who used to own the jewelry when it was new. Perhaps the piece was created for a duchess or a famous socialite! Some vendors of historic jewelry may know the stories behind their pieces and share them with the buyers, which can also be fun. By buying the jewelry and continuing to pass down these stories, you're helping to preserve a piece of history, too.

5. Used jewelry presents more variety.

If you shop for new jewelry, you'll be limited to the styles that are popular right now. It's hard to know which styles are trendy and which will turn out to be timeless. If you buy used jewelry, on the other hand, you'll be open to styles from almost any era. These styles have had time to age, so you will know which ones still look great and will continue to be stylish down the road.

Buying used jewelry is not just more affordable than buying new. It's also better for the planet and more fun, and it gives you more flexibility when it comes to style. Reach out to a pre-owned jewelry store such as MMP Jewelry to learn more.